Welcome to iCrawler

iCrawler is a free online data grab system for personal users. by grab data online + manage data + data analysis tools, iCrawler can save a lot of time for users.

iCrawler Can:

  • Let you quick get the average room price, how many houses in sale for one village
  • Save you 90% data analysis time
  • Monitor any target info that you want and notice you in first time
  • Anything Ideas in you mind, Just Email US.

Boy.Lee@Mar 14, 2016

Back Story

iCrawler v1.0 - Feet Wet

One day in 2015, I was talking with my wife about buy a new house in the downtwon with the money we had in account.

On that night, I found it's very very hard to analysis data online like we want.

As a coder, I can't accept the condition that the data is in my eyes but I can't use it like we want. I finished crawler v1.0 a couple days later. After that the data is working correct.

iCrawler v2.0 - Almost Done

Days later, I found it's not 100% I want. I was thinking use AngularJS + SPA model do the rebuilt, that's something I am good at.

I used about two weeks to finish crawler v2.0 and one small AngularJS Web App.

Finally, everything back to correct, but we were thinking is it possible let this app help other people like us? It's too waste that only us us it.

iCrawler v3.0 - On the Way

Plan becames action, my wife cover test and outer work, I cover all code work. It's not a easy thing.

This time we almost changed everything to suit online condition. In about 4 weeks:

  • Safety update
  • Crawler update to v3.0, from Single Thread to Multi Thread, 100% update to performance and stable
  • use SPA rebuild the whole app, more suitable for user
  • full help document

Current Target: support 500 - 1000 users.

iCrawler vX.0 - We Want Say

We hope the app can save you a little time that you can use for your family.

You can use it free right now, we also appreciate donate(You donate will keep this app grow strong and help more people, more info see Payment Page).

We will do our best to keep this app going on.